Mr. Stephen (Steve) Alan Leon was born (and raised) in Arlington, VA, July 26, 1981. His Father served, et al., Honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps., during Vietnam.

Steve is a single Father of one (1), Colin, who was born September 13, 2000, in Fairfax, VA.

Steve currently lives in Arlington with a Cat named Bruce that was born in West Virginia, March 24, 2021. Bruce certainly is "Almost Angel" because he can be a playful: Felis Catus Monster.


Steve sought to fly Drones for the U.S. Army in the Winter of 2008 his ASVAB score was of the 16 percentile. He instead began a career path & field of Intellectual Property Law (Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights); going on fourteen years now. He presently works at a Firm in Old Town, VA. 

Although he attended some College, he chose to start a Private Business and continues to produce articles of manufacture in that Portfolio. Said articles of Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks range from varying Technologies to include Food Science, Sports Equipment to Fashion Novelties. Learn more about Alandustry, Llc & Alandustries, Inc.


An avid Church goer his entire life, Steve continues preferring no denomination over the other and can be seen throughout the entire Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area as such. He fully understands the respective nature of Church & State in America. Therefore, knows what it genuinely means to be a Leader Servant, to also further learn and grow from mistakes of the past.


Steve's policies lean that which coincide the current Democratic Party. His Agenda, alongside the current Administration, is principled with Constitutionality, the General Welfare & Fiscal Responsibility. Steve's particularly innovative contribution of the Executive Agenda is pieced throughout Social Media. As the interfacing of such is limiting, said Agenda has been branded and marketed as Operation Infinity, which Slide Deck is available on the menu from the sidebar of this website and more details included in the eBook Reforming America.

*Steve supports Ranked Choice Voting

*Steve is a member of the ACLU

*Steve is a member of Greepeace

Additional Notes:

*Steve is wicked creative. He is all about solutions over blaming sumthin' else.

*Steve is competitive and athletic. As a Private Citizen, Steve is willing to go toe-to-toe with any Man, under the Law, which also benefits charity at the International level. Some Candidates and their supporters dilly-dally on Social Media with cheap trash talk of character assassination with fictional expressions of Fighters to cartoonishly display their strength — but not Steve (but that is fun too). People get back up, bruises heal, some scars are hardly noticeable; Honor is forever...

*Steve will stand unique out of many, as We all do, but this one shines much different as POTUS.

*Has there ever been a Presidential Candidate, in our History, that could provide genuine answers about the experienced dynamics of Job Hunting & Interviewing, being of service in the Community and yes even certain loss.

Steve can.

Virginia's Entrepreneurial Candidate

58 Days Younger

East Potomac Park [Coordinates: 38°52'48.7"N 77°01'58.2"W]

Lincoln was the only President to hold a Patent [Buoying Vessels Over Shoals - US-6469-A]




t: (202) 642-9060

e: futurepresident@stephenleon.us